40 Days of Life Coaching, Power Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation

With Denise Bonnaig

From September 23, 2019
To November 1, 2019


Why Forty Days?  In spiritual literature, “forty” is used to signify a term of change or learning, such as the “forty days and forty nights” of Noah’s Flood.  Forty is also called “the number of perseverance,” marking a period of growth through testing, trial, and purification.   After the Exodus from Egypt, the Israelites endured “forty years of wandering” in the wilderness before they were ready to enter the Promised Land.  In addition, Goliath challenged the Israelites twice a day for forty days before David defeated him, and Moses spent three consecutive periods of forty days and forty nights on Mount Sinai.  Furthermore, Jesus, following the ancient practice of the prophets, went into the desert for a great seclusion of forty days, which he described as a period of purification and preparation for the next stage of his work. Also, the Buddha attained final enlightenment after forty days of continuous meditation. 

Like the wise ones, choose to set aside forty days to awaken the Sacred within YOU, discover your true self and allow your authentic personality to shine.

For 40 days, we will work on:  

  • Deleting the programs and mind viruses that hold you back and cause you to fail.
  • Eliminating the toxic feelings and emotions.
  • Achieving what’s most important to you, without struggling.
  • Feeling inner peace irrespective of what’s happening in the external realm.
  • Befriending and loving our body temple and mind machine through powerful excavation exercises.
  • Examining your physical bodies in your asana practice (yoga postures), and observing and appreciating how the body is designed to move, fold and unfold, as Denise leads you in various intelligent sequences of Princeton Power Yoga’s Journey Into Wisdom flow.
  • Using the power of your breath (pranayama) consciously as a healing tool for your minds and bodies, and work around your injuries. 
  • You will meditate, meditate, and meditate more, delving into Anapana meditation and body scan meditation. 

The best treasure you will unearth at the end of this journey is learning to live by design, and not by default, which is a life skill we all need to master.

Classes will be held Monday to Friday, 5:15 am to 7:00 am


Breathing Dragon Hot Yoga
50 Vreeland Drive, Suite 8, Skillman, NJ 08558

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