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Special 2 Hour Hip Opening Workshop

It is well known that tight hip muscles often lead to the misalignment of the pelvis and overarching of the lower back. In addition, m
any of our negative emotions are stored in the hips and create frustration due to the limitations we experience in our yoga practice and our daily activities…

The Good News Is
Denise is here to help!

In this 2 Hour Hip Opening Workshop,
we will start by building heat to warm up the body before focusing on techniques to open and loosen the joints and muscles around the hips in order to release the tightness and increase strength and flexibility of the hips. This hip openers workshop will also teach you simple daily exercises and techniques that can help release the stored stress in the hips, calm the mind, and transform your relationship with your hips.

This event, just like her recent
One Week Immersion
will sell out too, and is already filling up faster than anticipated!

Sunday June 30th 2019
6:30 – 8:30 p.m

Breathing Dragon Hot Yoga

($45 Early Bird Special Through June 20th)
Space is limited.

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