Power Yoga Immersion

Empower – Renew – Grow

Join Denise Bonnaig, in her journey into transformation in this invigorating physical and spiritual Power Yoga Immersion. The Power Yoga Immersion blends tradition and philosophies, linking your breath with dynamic flowing movement, while encouraging you to explore your edge, discover your true self and allow your authentic self to shine. Whether you feel strong or not, you will love the dynamic combination of strength, sweat, and spirituality. You will leave each class stronger, more flexible, and energized.

Discover your true self and allow your authentic personality to shine!

Immerse yourself into yoga practices of sweat, strength and spirituality. You will awaken your body, open your heart and lighten your mind. Begin each day with power yoga, meditation and pranayama.

June 3rd – June 7th 2019

Classes will held Monday through Friday 5:15AM to 7:00AM.

Space is limited.

Breathing Dragon Hot Yoga


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